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Creating a better website just got easier.

FlipperSiteDeveloper is an easy-to-use web management system that gives you the power to turn your web site into a powerful interactive marketing tool that engages, informs and will help you grow your business. With Flipper you don't need to know anything about programming, if you can use a word processor you can build a dynamic website.

Some benefits of this real-time Web content management system include:

  • Extremely easy to use - non-technical personnel can use
  • Very user-friendly - intuitive web based interface
  • Reduced cost of maintenance - perform routine updates or major content internally
  • Increased productivity - spread the web management efforts to multiple parties
  • Intranet capable - develop password-protected areas for customers, employees and vendors
  • Hosted service - no software or hardware to worry about. Manage your Web site from any computer with Internet access

Flipperize your site and suddenly updates are flipping easy. The Flipper Web management system helps company's build and maintain search engine friendly web sites that can be optimized for maximum lead generation. Flipper CMS has all the features and tools necessary to build a content rich web site with no technical or programming experience. So you'll be able to take control of your web site.

FlipperSiteDeveloper is a hosted service, which means there is no software or hardware for you to mess with. You can update, edit and add pages to your site from any computer with Internet access.

No more waiting on Web Geeks!
The Flipper Web management system gives you control to make changes whenever you want. No more waiting weeks to add a new page or update information. You have better things to do than wait on someone to get around to you. Your customers certainly won't wait. Flipper is perfect for people who have better things to do than chain themselves to the web. People like you, who are building, running and growing a business.

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