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Flipper CMS web management system features

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Developing dynamic websites that are search engine friendly is made extremely easy with a variety of tools and features. Flippers features and custom tools give you the power to mange your site quickly and easily with no technical expertise. But if you like to get down and dirty with HTML code, Flipper gives you that option too. Check it out for yourself, sign up for an online demo today!


  • Edit text - with a WYSIWYG interface, very similar to MS Word.
  • Image manager - lets you easily add, update and change images and photos.
  • Rich media - add flash, animated GIF's and videos with the click of a button.


  • Search Friendly URL's - every page and calendar event gets its own keyword rich URL.
  • XML Sitemaps – are automatically generate Google & Yahoo Sitemaps for every page in your site.
  • META Tag Control – set descriptions and keywords for each page individually.


  • Add custom forms in seconds.
  • Get info by email and/or save to a database.
  • Integrate with PayPal for online event registration and/or donations.
  • Add unlimited number of forms.


  • Create unlimited roles & users – users can login to your site.
  • Set permissions – easily manage who can view, add, edit or delete content for each page.
  • Manage content – with password protected intranets for staff, customers, vendors and more.


  • Multiple views - display events in list, month, week or day view.
  • Automate events - set when events turn on and off automatically.
  • Notifications - send users emails when new events are added.


  • Site search engine - allows visitors to find exactly what they want quickly.
  • Page titles - tell visitors exactly where they are in your site.
  • Breadcrumbs - generate a trail of pages viewed to get to current page.


  • Upload, store and manage documents - in a secure, password-protected environment.
  • Automatically add file-type icons - including jpegs, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop and many more.
  • Eliminate - bounced emails, blocked attachments, spam filtering, full email boxes, corrupted files.


  • Google Analytics- is integrated so you can easily track how visitors come to your site, what pages they viewed, how they found you and much more. All you do is sign up for a FREE account with Google and Flipper does the rest.